I don't want nobody (I want you) from audelising on 8tracks Radio.

I don’t want nobody (I want you)


Alright, let me get this straight. Mushy sweet-nothings make my skin crawl, flowers are better (and keep longer) when dead, and don’t get me started on same-side booth-sitters. Seriously, there’s no need for the world to bear witness to your face-sucking. What are you, baby birds? Are you pre-chewing each other’s food and feeding it to each other? That would be the only acceptable explanation for this behaviour.

Don’t get me wrong. Love is alright. As long as you ignore the fact that it’s just your own brain fucking with your sanity by producing chemicals that make you do completely irrational shit. Trust. I’ve been there. The stuff they do in movies to win over/back someone? Don’t do it, it doesn’t work. I did it so you wouldn’t have to. Maybe one day, I’ll tell you about it. 

Luckily, this mix isn’t about that stuff. It’s about wanting something/one, and hating that you want it/them, and fucking it up, and then hating that you’ve fucked it up. Something kinda like that, anyway. 

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2 • J'ai Peur De Toi - Musi-Q-Airs
3 • Thinkin' About It - Sheep
4 • I Don't Want Nobody (I Want You) - The Boyfriends (US)
5 • The Gold - Sea of Bees
6 • Ever Fall In Love - The Buzzcocks
7 • I Hate You - Without You - The Viletones
8 • Keep Yourself Warm - Frightened Rabbit
9 • Don't Get Married - Gaye Blades
10 • DIY Orgasms - Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains