Kingsley Holding Things

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In this edition of KHT: a human-sized steering wheel.

And that is not, as it may appear, a miniature automobile. Although to be fair, cars these days have tiny, little steering wheels. In comparison, my 1986 Volvo’s looks like a sideways donkey wheel. Driving someone else’s more recent car or a rental makes me feel like a giant. So, okay, I guess I can put on my empathy hat and feel for the oversized folks.

Just kidding. FREAKS!

In sadder news, this series may come to a close sooner than I’d expected or like. It’s getting increasingly difficult to shoot Kingsley holding things on the sly, especially now that he’s hip to it. The worst part is that there are so many awesome things being held that I just couldn’t shoot fast enough without being found out. Like yesterday, for example. He was holding this teeeeeeny tiny container of potato salad but it was gone so quickly I didn’t even get a chance to even think about pretending I was reading a super! important! message! Case in point, earlier this week:
i am a hideous beast

Sabotage! And with disapproving Jason to boot. Life is hard, man.