Kingsley Holding Things

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In this edition of KHT: a gigantic burrito.

“Did you manage any photos? I know what you were up to.”
“Wha? Me? No, of course not…It sure is windy today.”
“Are you done with that series?”
“Oh hey, did you hear that story about that thing that did stuff? Really cool.”

I am so good at lying! Fooled him good. 

BUT TWIST! This isn’t about Kingsley’s brobdingnagian phalanges, but how dwarfed they are by that burrito from Peacha’s. Although by dwarfed, I mean comparatively. Poor Cholula bottle didn’t stand a chance.

And okay, in the interest of full disclosure: the top photo looks like he is contemplating the meaning of life without burritos1, but really he dropped everything to try and ruin my life the shots. But I’m faster than he thinks and already had a few, so I win!



  1. Maybe he was, I don’t know. I know nothing. []