Kingsley Holding Things


There’s very little I wouldn’t do out of spite. Taking a series of stealth photos of someone holding things with their gigantic freak claws as retaliation? Uh, hello, obviously.

So with that said, here’s the first installment of Kingsley Holding Things: a tiny cup.

The tiny cup is filled with Armenian coffee1, which is probably the best thing I’ve had all week. It was dark, mysterious, and just the right amount of sweet. If I could have a gallon of that everyday, I’d be a twitchy, happy person2.

And just to put it into perspective: when the cup was in my hand, it looked like a normal-size, average looking cup. When he held it? It was more akin to a thimble than a cup. I swear I’m not exaggerating. Promise. Truth.



  1. from Raffi’s Village in Burbank []
  2. I can’t speak to productivity, though. []