If there is one thing I’ve learned since I’ve started this illustration malarkey, it’s that besides my affinity for painting MMA fighters doing silly things, I also love nothing more than to paint people and things wearing costumes while in peculiar situations. So when you befriend someone who will allow you to use them as the subject for an on-going series of really random costumed shenanigans, you run with it before they realise how foolish of a decision it was to agree to let you at it. And if they, despite it all, actually start talking about future pieces and collaborations, you make damn sure to go sacrifice some piece of your soul to the altar of Thanking Your Lucky Stars: this is a rare Top Person specimen, and having them around is worth giving them a piece of yourself in return.

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Surely I can’t be the only one with Perfect Sunday fantasies, right? You know, slowly waking up, exchanging sweet nothings with whom/whatever (I won’t judge) is sharing your bed, sprinkle in a bit of fun, perhaps some breakfast even…and if I’m feeling really French, a luxurious cancer stick. Because if everything went according to plan, that’s the least I deserve for even managing to get all those ducks in a row.

None of the songs in this mix have anything to do with my fantasy (except for the first one, it’s perfectly apt), save that they all happened to have the word “Sunday” in it and a spot in my music library. The illustration was inspired by Sunday Morning Nightmare: I am lactose intolerant, but I’ll be damned if I ever kicked ice-cream out of bed. Or my mouth. Or my mouth in bed. That sounds TERRIBLE. Well, you know what I mean.

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I’ve been saving a collection of tunes to play at a special fella for when the going gets…going…for a little while now. It’s the kind of mix that you use as a litmus test: either they love it and get down, or they think it’s weird and skedaddle into the sunset forever. 

I haven’t tried it on anybody yet, so I’m not positive it would actually work. It would work on me, that’s for certain. But I mean, I will crush on anybody who’s willing to talk and geek out over music with me for even 2 minutes so there is that. 

With that said, this is a very condensed version of the original playlist. It’s down to some of my all time favourite tunes. Take “Long After Tonight Is All Over” by Irma Thomas on the NICE side. Imagine I played that at you, followed by “In My Mouth” by Clorox Girls from the NAUGHTY side. C’mon. No? That’s what I thought. 

SIDE A | Nice

SIDE B | Naughty

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