Welcome to the
French Fury’s Capitalist Emporium!

The emporium is slowly being replenished. Coming soon to this corner of the capitalist internet is a small batch of freshly-hatched fine-ish goods, including a small selection of test ceramics, a long-awaited 2nd printing of the Solipsist Tarot, and a couple of stickers of our best furry friends.

Please note that due to current pandemic, domestic shipping is done once a week for items kept in stock, so keep that in mind when ordering. A word of caution if you are outside of the United States: the shop is currently not set up for international shipping. In the event that you’d like to order something, please send a message, and an invoice will be sent to you with the caveat that mail has taken up to a few months to arrive. But if there’s anything this situation has taught us, it’s to be patient! Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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